Tips- Google calendar SMS alerts

I've been using Google Calendar's SMS alerts extensively for a couple of weeks now, and have a couple of thoughts:

-There doesn't appear to be a limit to the number of SMSs sent per day. In South Africa, it's free to receive an SMS, so you can schedule your day down into really tiny segments if that helps you.

-You can also vary the time that the reminder is sent to you. This is handy for factoring in travel time eg. if you have an appointment on the other side of town, you can get a reminder an hour in advance, but if you are meeting someone in your office, you can set the reminder to ten minutes. To do this, click on an event and choose 'edit event details'. Open up the 'options' menu (click on the triangle next to options) and change the Reminder time to whatever you want it to be.

-When you set up a repeating event, you can't set one up for the last day of the month (it counts from the start of the month, so you can set up a repeat for the 30th day, but not the last). Using a reminder, you can set up an event on the first of the month, and change the reminder to one day in advance- now you have a reminder on the last day of the month.

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